tamarind paste with seed


We process it in high quality automated machine following natural preservation process by keeping TAMARIND in its natural flavours.
We process both Tamarind Paste with seed ( 25% seed ) and SEEDLESS Tamarind Paste ( 0% – 10% ) seed as per Buyers requirements.

Packing from ssbexport –

50 GMS 1350 BOX
75 GMS 1350 BOX
150 GMS 1430 BOX
280 GMS 1460 BOX
300 GMS 1470 BOX

tamarind slab exporters from india


We have a set of Semi Manual machineries to make tamarind slab. We use very dry tamarind to make SLABs . We make 100% Seedless Tamarind Slab, 10% , 15%, 20%, 25% Seedless Tama-rind Slabs for our clients. We both pack in our SHIP Brand and in Buyers Brand.
Major Import Market – Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Saudi arabia, Oman, Turkey, Iraq, Sweden, UK

Packing from ssbexport –

120gm x 100 Pieces / box
200gm x 50 piece / box
400gm x 50 pieces / box
500gm x 20 pieces / box

seedless tamarind from india


We process our Seedless Tamarind by using machines. We clean the whole tamarind by air and then steam it. We put these tamarind in machine where the seed and the meat gets separated. We can make 100% Seedless, 10% , 15%, 20%, 25% Seedless Tamarinds for our clients. We both pack in our SHIP Brand and in Buyers Brand.

Major Import Market – Egypt, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq , Iran

Bulk Packing – 10kg, 20kg, 30kg and 50kg new PP Bags available.v

tamarind with seed from india


We follow a strict quality system to make this Defiber tamarind. We clean the shells  and fibres by Semi manual process. Our processing capacity is 15 mt per day. We are one of the TOP Processor and exporters to South east Asian countries.Major  Import Market – Somalia, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Srilanka, Thailand, Indonesia

Packing – 10kg Poly x 5 pieces pack in New 50kg PP Bags

whole tamarind india


We source whole tamarind from Farmers and stock it in Cold store and in our warehouse.  We clean  the big shells by machine and Fan. After cleaning this tamarind looks fresh and we pack it in bulk 50kg packs and in 20kg Cartoons as per customers requirement.

Major  Import Market – Somalia, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan

We have both Dry Type and Wet Type tamarind. Price  also differs as per quality.

Mexico, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South India, and the Caribbean all employ tamarind products frequently in their cuisine. It can be found in drinks, chutneys, sauces, and sweets. Many foods use tamarind as a flavouring.

SSB Export is a HALAL-certified processor and exporter of tamarind products such as Tamarind Paste in (50gms, 75gms, 150gms, 300gms), Tamarind Slab in (150gms, 250gms, 400gms, 500gms, 1kg, etc.), Seedless Tamarind, Defiber Tamarind, and Whole cleaned Tamarind.

Our internal quality inspectors strictly monitor the processing of our TAMARIND PRODUCTS. Selected farmers are used to supply tamarind. They are cleaned using HOT air before being put through machinery to provide improved quality and durability. We use a semi-manual procedure to create