Indian Whole Yellow Corn And Dry-Milled Fractions In Food Industry

Indian Whole Yellow Corn And Dry-Milled Fractions In Food Industry

Whole Corn and Dry-Milled Fractions in Food

Maize, also known as corn, is the most widely grown cereal crop in the world, and it is used to make a variety of foods, animal feeds, biofuels, and other industrial products. Corn is consumed directly for food in excess of 150 million tones per year, according to the FAO.

Corn originated in Mesoamerica and the prehispanic cultures were responsible for developing different ancestral races that have been used by plant breeders for the generation of improved varieties and hybrids. Yellow, white, sweet, popcorn, blue, waxy, and premium protein are the most common varieties cultivated now.

Human food is primarily consumed on the cob in Africa and the Americas, or from traditional and industrialized foods made from dry-milled fractions, starch, and other ingredients fresh masa or dry flour that has been nixtamalized The majority of corn consumed directly by humans today is in the form of porridges and gruels made from traditionally milled corn in developing countries.

Industrial dry-millers currently produce whole grain flours and an array of refined dry-milled fractions which are further transformed into traditional or extruded breakfast cereals, snacks, gruels/porridges, yeast and chemically leavened bakery items, beer, and distilled spirits. The nutritional value of these foods has a significant impact on the status of various civilizations all over the world.

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